Tuesday, 20 February, 2018

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Behind Saddle Rear Hydration System

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Valdora's rear hydration system consists of a multi use rack that attaches to the saddle rails and keeps your bottles out of the wind, minimizing drag.  Unlike any other behind saddle system on the market, Valdora's system offers multiple configurations.  At 200 grams the hydro rack weighs 100 g less than the closest competitors. A must for long training rides. An extra bottle to replenish your 'between the aerobar' bottle during races. Maybe a shot of the hi carb nutrition that you will need. Or a modified bottle to carry an extra tube, tools, patch kit....what ever you can think of, carry it here. A competitor should not train or race without a Valdora hydro rack. Light weight cnc'd alloy, tough, easy to install, easy to adjust.  Everything you need to train and race with confidence!


  • Configurations:  One, two, or three bottles.  Threaded holes for CO2 cartridges, or carry two bottles, CO2 cartridges and attach a popular flashing tail light.
  • Additional 5 m bottle boss sized threaded holes are included in the rack for other attachments you may desire at a later time.  What is the most popular configuration?
  • Two bottle cages, two CO2 cartridges (not included), solid / flashing bright red LED tail light, and an attached inflator for CO2.
  • Construction:  Light weight machined 6061 alloy
  • Adjustable:  Angle of bottle cages is highly adjustable
  • Clamping system:  Attaches to saddle rails
  • Weight:  200 grams
  • Size:  Fits any saddle with standard, round rails
  • Finish:  Anodized black

 If your local shop is not carrying these yet, follow this link to get one now.