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Extreme power transfer

vibration dampening....agile

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Easy to travel with

no proprietary tools or brakes

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Long Distance Triathlon Specific

hold the aero position longer

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No marketing gimmicks

Just solid design

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Slippery fast

for an age grouper or a Pro


Valdora continues to make some of the best triathlon bikes ever to touch pavement.  The best engineering, design, and carbon triathlon frame construction get the credit for this.  Valdora geometry has suited many a pro but it has always been the weekend triathlete who benefited from the added speed and longer periods in the aero bars.  it is an aero tri bike that will allow you to shave some time while looking and feeling good doing it!   

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Design You Can Trust

Independently tested at EFBe in Germany, Valdora's frames have passed the highest strength and fatigue tests offered for the industry.  Tested under load were the head tube, seat tube, and bottom bracket of a single frame.  100,000 repetitions on each element.  Did it break, crack or fail.  No it did not.  Only the third time trial / triathlon frame to pass at this level as of the test date.  Travel at high speed with confidence.  Raced by NFL linemen.  Yes, that's plural.  Whether you weigh 105 lbs or significantly more, Valdora has you covered.



Valdora triathlon bikes were definitely designed for triathlon but the adjustability, angles and stack have enticed more than a few to purchase a 2nd and build as an aero road bike.

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Travel with confidence. There are no special tools needed to work on a Valdora. Any decent bike tech or mechanically inclined athlete can get it out of the bike case and back together. Ready to race.

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You've stumbled across something here. Since 2001, Valdora's semi-compact triathlon geometry has proven tried and true. It will leave your neck, back and legs ready to run. The sloping top tube makes the frame lighter and stiffer with a great look. If you do your research, and don't follow the crowd, don't be surprised to find yourself back here.

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