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FAQ:  What are the main differences between the PHX, PHX1, and PHX2?

Answer:  The PHX and PHX1 come out of the same mold and will perform at the same extremely high level.  The main difference is that the PHX1 has a slightly lighter fork and an intricate cosmetic carbon finish.  The PHX does not have the cosmetic carbon finish.  It is matte black and utilizes a different aero fork.

The PHX2 is constructed with the same precise standards and has the same center line geometry as the PHX/PHX1.  The PHX2 wheel/seat tube interface is much tighter for increased aerodynamics.  The seat stays are configured to reduce drag as the frame moves through the wind.  Additionally the PHX2 comes with an aero seat post allowing the rider to adjust the effective seat tube angle from aero road bike at 73 deg. to aggressive triathlon bike at 79 deg.

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 220 Triathlon Mag UK  Reviews the PHX/PHX1 ----- While this is a great review, the reader should be aware that Valdora's UK distributor was not aware that this was to be a head to head review against one of the publications paid advertisers.  Additionally in the "Verdict" section - Does Spec/Value add up?  You decide.  - Notice that the PHX was spec'd with SRAM Red and a carbon aero bar at a lower price than the competition with Ultegra and an alloy aero bar.  Additionally, the bike submitted for the review came from Valdora USA.  The weight reported in the publication was approximately one lb. heavier than the bike they tested.  Even with the fudged weight the PHX was almost 1/2 lb lighter.  


 Road Bike Review - user reviews of the PHX2


Triathlon Rumor section of Bike Rumor Reviews the  PHX2 Reviews the SR-1.0 Carbon Aerobar


There are numerous reviews on line not listed here.  Simply Google "Valdora PHX review"