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The Company

Valdora is a registered trademark of Olson International, Inc. (OI, Inc.), an Arizona USA Corporation. OI, Inc. has been involved in the cycling industry since 1997 as a designer, importer and manufacturing general contractor of bicycles, frames, and accessories for domestic and international customers. OI, Inc. distributed the bpStealth brand to retailers while supplying products to other importers and manufacturers to private label and distribute.  By 2003 OI, Inc. stopped selling carbon frames and components to other companies to private label.  All effort went into refining the semi compact triathlon specific geometry that had been developed in 2001.  The geometry was developed out of necessity.  All the bikes available at the time were intended for flat out and back time trial.  Not triathlon where climbing and descending are usually part of the race.  

The first bike utilizing this new semi compact tri bike geometry was called the AC-Tri (alloy compact tri).  The first model was alloy in order to tweak and perfect the geometry before opening the molds to make the frames from carbon.  More about the geometry here... 

In 2005 Valdora was introduced as a tri specific brand and eventually replaced the bpStealth brand. The Valdora mission is to develop and deliver the highest quality carbon bicycles and products anywhere while not following the pack of me too brands and their gimmicks.  We value our customers and their feedback.