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CO2 Inflator

Simple CO2 Inflator For Bicycle Tires

No Need To Carry That Awkward Hand Pump That Takes Up Space And Takes Forever To Inflate A Tube

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  • Works With 12, 16, 20 Gram Threaded Cartridges. CO2 Cartridges Are NOT Included.
  • CO2 INFLATOR Inflates Your Tire In Seconds - Get Back On The Road Or Trail.
  • EASY TO USE No Dials Or Levers To Have In Place Prior To Puncturing CO2 Bicycle Inflation Cartridge.
  • IDEAL FOR ANY FLAT KIT Super Light Weight Compact CO2 Tire Pump  - Weighing Only 10 Grams Especially Appreciated By Roadies And Triathletes!
  • PROFESSIONAL GRADE CNC'D ALLOY CO2 Inflation Device - Built To Last.
  • CO2 Bicycle Inflation Pump is Presta Valve Compatible - (CO2 Not Included) For Use With THREADED Cartridges

Available in Red, Black, or Blue


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3 inflators w CO2 cartridge

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